Institutional books


We work in permanent dialogue with the teams of each organization so that they can actively take part in the process of researching and developing their own history. Our strengths are attentive listening, historical and photographic research, painstaking writing and creative design.





During the past decades, academic research has breathed new life into the biographical genre for recreating and studying the past. Besides, for many people, being able to share their personal history in black and white is a way of giving their life paths historical and multigenerational meaning. Biographies are also a very important legacy for the continuity of family histories and the cohesion of future generations. Our team has conducted several biographical studies, with the focus always on the intersection of personal histories and the socio-historical contexts in which those lives unfolded.





A key aspect of historical knowledge is to keep proper records. Many times, the historical documents of organizations are scattered and jumbled, which makes research complex. Therefore, we offer services for the organization, recording and classification of documentary funds. Proper records ensure the safeguarding of the history of any organization.





Our team comprises professionals with vast experience in the field of museums. Unlike books, museums tell stories based on collections of objects, images and interactive displays that bring into conversation intellectual, sensory and ludic records. Museums bring objects to life, transforming items consigned to oblivion into meaningful stories. The creation of museums that feature the history of organizations strengthens team identity and makes that history available to communities of businesspeople, citizens, working persons, tourists and public organizations. It is a form of communication that broadens the cultural scope and the bonds between organizations and society inclusively and democratically.





The history of organizations is increasingly being featured in web pages and social media. Because of their dynamism and immediacy, these online tools make it possible to tell passages of that history that are very much well received by the public. Our team produces different pieces of historical content for online spaces. Anniversaries of events, interviews and the history of photographs or objects are examples of the type content we develop along with our clients’ communication teams.





The services we provide are varied and highly-personalized:


  • Historical, photographic and documentary research
  • Drafting of historical texts
  • Drafting of institutional memoirs
  • Drafting of interpretive texts about works of art
  • Design and publishing of institutional books
  • Design of didactic infographics
  • Photographic shootings oriented to process-description
  • Comprehensive design and production of brochures
  • Comprehensive development of web content and design
  • Preparation of museum scripts
  • Research into historical photography
  • Design of social media posts about historical milestones
  • Production of designs to mark anniversaries of historical events